CH-DVC.1 DualView Camera

Dual image camera with switchable view


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CH-DVC.1 DualView camera is probably the most advanced rear view camera available in Australia for general use and uses unique technology to allow one camera to show two views, one is a standard wide angle view and the other is a narrow angle view used for constant rear vision.
This means that it is like having 2 cameras but without the extra hardware and cabling that is required with dual camera systems.

Wide view

Narrow view
Narrow angle view

The CH-DVC.1 DualView camera uses the same 4 pin cables as other cameras so can be used to upgrade an existing system as well as for new installations and no changes are required apart from the switching arrangement to change the view selection. A short cable with switch input wires is included and this is inserted into the monitor input cable in the dash area. The switching can be done using the press button included or any other volt-free contact such as a relay or a different switch.

These will suit caravans and motorhomes where a full time rear view is required to see the road with traffic coming up behind and then when switched into the wide angle view they are able to be used for reversing as the area closer to the camera is shown in more detail which is similar to a Dual Camera.

The same applies to utilities and other commercial/trade vehicles (utes with canopies) where the driver wants great rear vision most of the time and a wide angle view in reverse and when set up with a suitable monitor, form what is termed an e-mirror which is a fully electronic mirror system.

As these cameras are 1080P HD they must be combined with a compatible monitor so are best purchased together with the monitor to be used to be sure that the images will be shown correctly but this also means that the vision is far better than most other cameras available and compared to standard definition CCD cameras (approximately 0.5MP), this provides about 4X the image resolution with 2MP with better colour and clarity.
Recommended monitors would be: CH-RVM88 mirror replacement, CH-RVMAHD72 clip-on monitor or CH-ST2DAHD7 dash mount monitor.

Installation and Instruction Manual