Camera Extension Cable

Camera Extension Cable


Most vehicle cameras require a Camera Extension Cable to connect the camera to the host device, either a monitor or an MDVR usually.

Camera extension cables from Chipatronic are all 4 core with industry standard 12mm connectors, commonly referred to as “aviation connectors” which have a screw up locking system.

All camera extension cables have a male end and female end to suit the standard layout of vehicle cameras, monitors and MDVR connections and use a standard pin layout as shown below.

Cable mount plug & socket set male 4 pin drawing

Cable mount plug & socket set female 4 pin drawing

Most Chipatronic camera extension cables have colour coded ends with the female connector molding being yellow and the male connector molding being black. The reason for this is that it can be easy to get the ends mixed up and if the cable is run through a vehicle with the wrong end, it can be difficult to easily resolve although if needed gender changers are available but having a different colour  is generally helpful.


Our standard camera extension cables are available in a wide range of lengths to suit the common jobs that these cables are used for as having cables which are too long by a significant amount present challenges in dealing with the excess and of course any cable that is too short is completely unable to be used as it is although two cable can be joined to extend out to the required length.

The shorter cables are primarily for use in truck cabs as the host equipment, MDVR or monitor, can be quite close to the camera and only require a short cable to reach.

Where a cable length over 15m is required we recommend using the 20m heavy duty cable as such long cables perform better with the larger wire sizes in the heavy extension duty cables and in applications such as a tilt tray, the thicker insulation aids in protecting the cable from damage due to continual bending and movement.