CH-ST2DAHD7 7″ Dual Display Monitor

Dual Display 7″ Monitor


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The CH-ST2DAHD7 dual display monitor allows 2 camera streams to be shown simultaneously in a side-by-side view or each camera stream can be viewed individually.


The monitor can be used with a single camera and does not necessarily require 2 cameras but when 2 cameras are used the display is easily changed by a button on the front control panel and can readily be cycled between the dual display and single display modes.


For use as a reversing camera display a trigger input is provided which will automatically switch the LCD onto V2 (channel 2) while the trigger is active and then the monitor will revert to the previous state which can be with the LCD off, with V1  shown singularly or with V1 and V2 in dual display.

As with most Chipatronic camera systems the CH-ST2DAHD7is capable of displaying both AHD standard definition video signals and as always, better image quality and clarity will be noticeable when using the Hybrid series cameras in 720P HD mode or one of the dedicated HD cameras but standard definition cameras are able to be used with good results with the higher resolution, 1024 x 600 pixel display.

We recommend using the monitor with standard settings but the MENU can be accessed using the Menu button on the monitor or by the Remote Control included.
DISPLAY Sets standard display functions: Brightness, Contrast, Colour, Language, Source, Rotate, Reset
The Rotate function flips the screen with 4 options – 03 is standard view.
This should only be used if the camera has been fitted incorrectly or has the wrong image setting. Changing this affects all channels.
SYSTEM Sets particular functions: Mirror 1 flips the image on V1, Mirror 2 flips the image on V2, Acc Delay 2 sets the time that V2 is displayed after the Trigger is removed, Guide Line 2 allows reverse lines to be set on V2.
Language Sets the on-screen display language (if required)

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