CH-RVM88 Full Display Mirror Monitor

Full Display Mirror Monitor


The CH-RVM88  is a Full Display Replacement Mirror Monitor with 8.8″ LCD which fills the entire face and has no blank areas around this.

This is a premium solution for vehicles where an original fitment look is preferred but with very high quality video from 1 or 2 cameras which can be on a caravan being towed or on a canopy fitted to the vehicle (which then has no direct rear view) but is also a standard mirror when the camera is not in use.

By using our super high quality AHD cameras combined with this monitor, video can be streamed continually providing an experience virtually the same as a standard mirror. This solution is termed “e-Mirror” and while other devices can provide the same functionality the CH-RVM88 does this while leaving a clean finish almost undetectable as an aftermarket fitment.

Where  a reverse camera view needs to be used the CH-RVM88 has inbuilt features to assist the driver with an image drop that is activated when in reverse gear and this displays a lower part of the image which is preferred for reverse and also has a selection for guidelines which can be set to suit the vehicle or turned off completely.

As you would expect from a premium monitor, the CH-RVM88 displays HD video from both 720P or 1080P AHD cameras but will also work perfectly well with standard definition cameras if these are already fitted. We recommend using the Hybrid range of cameras which are 720P as these are available in several styles to suit common applications and for special situations there are a number of AHD only cameras that can be used.

As this replaces the original mirror we have these with a selection of common brackets to suit vehicles with the common keystone mount suit models from Toyota, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan where the rear view mirror is attached to the inside of the windscreen.
A special, twist on-off bracket suits the Ford Ranger and similar and then there is a bolt-on mount which suits the Landcruiser range where the mirror bolts up to the windscreen frame.
As the brackets are fixed into the monitor shell the correct type must be selected when ordering, if there is an ongoing requirement for brackets not currently provided, please contact us with the details and we will endeavor to source a suitable type of bracket.

The CH-RVM88 has 2 standard 4 Pin AV inputs which supply power to the cameras and use our range of extension cables and caravan cables which or course can be used with the range of accessories available.

User Manual