Chipatronic Automotive AV products Australia Importer & Distributor Of Automotive AV Products Australian owned and operated, manufacturers, supply quality products nation-wide. Chipatronic AV products Autmobile AV products Australia Automobile AV 12 month warranty Chipatronic Automotive AV products Australia Digital Video Recorders & Dashcams Chipatronic Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR or DVR) are commercial models for trucks, buses, delivery and waste management vehicles. These use Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) and SD Cards for file storage from several days to months. Digital Video Recorders Digital Video Recorders DVRs with 4G capability View DVRs & Dashcams Chipatronic Automotive AV products Australia Hybrid Vehicle Cameras Chipatronic Hybrid Cameras are the latest and most up to date vehicle cameras currently available, with features never seen before in the automotive industry. These cameras are programmable to suit the application rather than fixed functionality. View Vehicle Cameras Digital Video Recorders Hybrid car digital video cameras hybrid AV products Chipatronic Automotive AV products Australia Automotive Run Switches RunSwitches are a unique product designed to assist in the installation of electrical accessories in cars but also suit most 12V automotive applications including; motorcycles, ATV/Quad bikes, trucks & construction machinery.
RunSwitch creates an accessory power circuit without disturbing the standard fuse panel preventing incorrect use of circuits.
Automobile AV run switch Automobile AV run switch top selling car av products View RunSwitches

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MCDV2HD-W2G Motorbike Dashcam

More and more dashcam evidence is convicting traffic offenders and protecting vulnerable motorcyclists involved in SMIDSY crashes.


Chipatronic is an Australian owned and operated company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We are manufacturers, importers and wholesale distributors of quality motor vehicle, audio-visual products.