CH-SRC1A Angled Reverse Camera

Selectable, Angled Reverse Cam


The CH-SRC1A angled reverse camera is a threaded bolt mounting car camera which is able to be used in many different applications with ease of fitting and selectable functions and is ideal for professional installers.

The camera can be installed in different ways to suit different mounting positions but one of the most popular uses for these is mounted through the tailgate on a utility which is an OEM style fitment and looks very original. To assist with this there are three camera housing colours available; Black, White, Chrome.

The camera can also be installed in an underslung mounting so the camera is below the surface where it mounts, above the number plate is a common example.

These can also be used a front camera by selecting the real image function for a forward facing view.

These are part of the Chipatronic Selectable Reverse Camera product range where the cameras have various functions and features which can be selected at the time of installation for professional installation. The functions are selected by cutting small wire loops on the cable and as such it is important to understand what features are standard and what needs to be changed before commencing.
We recommend using a CCTV Tester for this as it is better to test before fitting.

The SRC range all use a high resolution, CMOS sensor with 800TVL resolution which makes these cameras well suited to the larger in-dash displays now common in cars but will be just as suitable for aftermarket monitors.

All the SRC cameras have a standard NTSC video format which suits most in-dash head units and monitors.

On the CH-SRC1A there are 4 functions which the installer can select:

  • camera guidelines which on as a default but can be turned off if not required
  • camera image which is a mirror image as default but can be turned to a real image for use as forward facing camera
  • image alignment which has the image down as default for underslung mounting but can be changed to up if the camera is on top of the mount
  • video format which is NTSC by default but can be changed to PAL (black version only)

Black OE Style Reverse Camera

Other cameras in this range are CH-SRC1U and CH-SRC1F which are used where different mounting is required or a different style of camera is preferred.

These cameras all feature the same professional installation cable system which allows the installer to make all required connections in the dash area rather than the traditional method of connecting into the tail lights which is not possible on many modern cars although this method can be used if required by bridging 2 wires on the cable.