CH-CTAHD5 Hybrid Camera Tester

Hybrid Camera Tester


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The CH-CTAHD5 Hybrid Camera Tester is an essential tool for any installer wanting to work with the Hybrid series cameras from Chipatronic as this allows cameras to be checked for correct operation and is also used for programming Hybrid cameras but can be used with standard vehicle cameras, CVBS or AHD.

The CH-CTAHD5 hybrid camera tester is a batter powered device used to setup car and caravan cameras of any standard type without having to have the car monitor available and switched on.
This allows installation and alignment by a single person by checking the image from the camera as it is installed and any adjustment to the position can be made immediately without needing to wait for the  whole job to be completed and this tester or similar tool is a pre-requisite for any business wanting to offer a professional camera installation service.

Caravan cameras in particular provide some challenges normally as the caravan camera fitting is normally done completely separate from the tow vehicle. The CH-CTAHD5 allows camera signal to be checked without the car connected and also allows camera function to be checked at connection points between the camera and the monitor.

There is also an output signal function which generates a colourbar signal (CVBS only) and when this is connected to a monitor, the colourbar will be displayed on the monitor LCD to confirm cabling and also the condition of the monitor as poor colour display can be an indication of LCD issues or other problems in the system.

The CH-CTAHD5 has  a 5″ LCD and is supplied with a test cable fitted with 4 pin male connector, to test a monitor please use a CH-4PF2F gender changer and to test RCA camera the CH-4FRCAM adaptor will be required.

12V power for the camera is supplied from the internal re-chargeable battery which has USB charging with charge cable included. A USB port can be used to quickly check USB cables and devices.

Instructions for use.