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Monitors are used in vehicles where a display is required and the common example is a Reversing Camera display.

In many new vehicles the display is part of the in-dash unit and often serves multiple functions which can preclude the use of this for anything other than short term viewing, such as when reversing and as such a separate monitor is seen as the best option when adding adding additional cameras such as with a caravan rear vision system. This allows the in-dash unit to be easily used for entertainment or navigation while still having vision from an additional camera.

When selecting a monitor always ensure that the mounting option is suitable for the vehicle and use intended and check that the camera/cable being used has suitable connections. All monitors are supplied with wiring harness for power and AV connections (either 4 Pin or RCA) and adaptors to convert from 4 Pin to RCA and vice versa are available, see accessories.

Choosing The Right Monitor

The monitor is what you will be looking at so choosing this is very important so there are a few basic questions to ask before you start:

  • Where do you want to be looking?
  • How big does the screen need to be?
  • How many cameras will be connected?
  • Any special requirements?

Specialist Distributors

Our distributors, who are all experts in this specialised field, are qualified to sell and install our products to the highest standard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our product and service.

Due to the complex nature of modern vehicles Chipatronic does not recommend DIY installation of any of our products where this involves connection to the vehicle’s electrical system as this affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

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All our products are backed by a manufacturer’s 12 Month Replacement Warranty.

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