CCB Curly Cable

Curly Cable for Caravan Camera


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The CCB Curly Cable (also called a Suzi Coil, Woza or Bungy Cable) is used for caravan camera cable and car cable connection between the caravan and the car.

Caravan Camera Connection

This is a heavy duty, coiled cable with 5 pin AOPULO style connections with female contacts and is approximately 630mm long when fully coiled and stretches to approximately 1.2m without putting too much tension on which would strain the cable and could also be dangerous when removing.

For situations where a shorter cable is preferred the CCB-S is available which is only 420mm long when coiled and can be stretched to approximately 750mm. This can be used with 5th wheeler  camera connections where the hitch is in the tray of a utility and the camera connection is close by.

Correctly installed caravan camera systems should not have this under any real tension but it should not be hanging too low as it can be damaged.

Caravan Curly extension cable

There are different plug arrangements used on some caravans and this a 5 pin version even though only 3 or 4 pins are used as standard. We do not stock finished products in other types but spare parts for the 4 pin AOPULO in the form of a plug and socket kit are available, see CH-AP-4PPS.

The plug is keyed so that it can only be inserted in the correct alignment and when the matching socket is fitted in a standard manner, the single key will be at the top as shown below. The other keys are spaced apart slightly differently and as the body is metal it is not possible to force the plug into a socket in an incorrect alignment.

Caravan plug key alignment


Align the single key at the top to the corresponding keyway in the socket body and push in firmly and then screw up the metal locking ring to have a secure fitting for the caravan camera system.

The caravan side connection is exactly the same so it makes no difference which way the CCB is used.

As these have plastic insulation this can be degraded by exposure to the sun over time so it is recommended that the CCB Curly Cable is stored safely in the car or caravan when not in use.