Aopulo 4 Pin Plug & Socket

Aopulo 4 Pin Plug & Socket Set


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All Chipatronic caravan cable systems have always used the 5 pin Aopulo style plugs and sockets but some vans were supplied with the Aopulo 4 pin plug & socket and as carry these as a spare part to assist with repairs on caravans and cars that have this system fitted.

Part number CH-AP-4PPS is a kit with 1 socket and 1 plug and we only sell this in the kit form for the repair of existing cables. Terminal connection is by soldering which requires a small tip and a good quality soldering iron.

Socket pin layout
CH-AP-4PPS Socket & Pins

The Aopulo 4 pin plug & socket is externally identical to the 5 pin version used in our caravan camera cables just with 4 pins instead of 5 but these cannot be used together.

Please use the same connections as found on the original, as we do not use this system we do not have a confirmed pin layout and it is up to the installer to ensure that the correct wire – pin layout is achieved but based on customer supplied information the pin definition for Jayco caravan systems is Pin 1, Video (commonly yellow wire), Pin 2, Audio if present (commonly white wire), Pin 3, Power (should be red wire), Pin 4, Ground (should be black wire or screen).
Please note that this is unconfirmed by Chipatronic and customers are urged to confirm the definition by checking the existing cable system.