Caravan Camera Cable

Caravan Camera Cable


A  caravan camera cable is used to connect a caravan camera to the tow vehicle and then to the monitor.

Chipatronic caravan camera cables use the robust Aopulo type 5 pin metal socket with weatherproof cover and is supplied as a 2 part assembly to allow a range of cable lengths to suit all vans from small to extra large.

The AOPULO plugs and sockets have multiple keyways so that incorrect insertion is not possible and with the metal bodies, this is not able to be done even forcibly.
When mounted in a standard manner the plug will look like this, the the single keyway at the top, simply align the single key on the matching plug and push in and the screw up the locking ring.
5 pin socket

The caravan camera cable must be used in conjunction with a spring style “curly cable” that provides a heavy duty flexible connection between the car and caravan or trailer which is removed when not in use to leave the metal cover closed, preventing ingress of dust and water under most conditions and there are no connectors hanging on cables to get damaged or dirty.

For the corresponding car cable, please see here.

To mount the connection a metal mounting bracket is used and our brackets are manufactured locally from high quality stainless steel. Please note that the bracket must fit behind the flange and the backshell of the connector may need to be loosened off, please see CH-MB for further details.

The caravan camera cable has a male 4 pin connector to suit standard caravan cameras and can be used with Chipatronic dual cameras with the correct fittings.

The car or towing vehicle must have the matching system and car camera cables have the same 5 pin metal socket as the caravan but the the cable is the reverse so the 4 pin connector suits a monitor.

Standard length for most caravans is 15m and while this may sound longer than is required the cable needs to be long enough to go the full length from hitch to the rear and up the back and sometimes needs to go via  path which is longer than it seems and the shorter, 10m cable is only recommended for quite short vans, campers and trailers fitted with cameras.

A longer 20m cable is available but this comes with a much heavier cable with larger wire sizes and heavy duty insulation as it is rare to require such a long cable but where used it is better to have the heavier wire which has lower electrical resistance but note that this cable can be more difficult to install due to the thickness of the insulation and care should be taken to ensure that this can be used before commencing work.