CH-RVMIRKIT Reverse Camera Kit

Rear View Camera Kit


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The CH-RVMIRKIT reverse camera kit is a monitor and camera sold together and comprises a replacement Rear View Mirror  & Monitor, which has a 4.5″ LCD behind the glass and a small, universal style camera.

This the perfect solution for vehicles where a basic reverse camera setup is required. The mirror-monitor is supplied with a standard bracket which is able to replace the original mirror on many common makes and when the LCD is not on this functions as a standard rear vision mirror.

This bracket suits many Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu models which have the mirror mounted on the inside of the windscreen, on the glass and there is a keystone shaped mounting on the glass.

The  monitor LCD has Auto Brightness and has automatic operation which means that it turns on when a video signal is received from a connected camera so the camera is normally powered from the reverse lamp circuit so that it is only on when in reverse gear.  A second video input is available should an additional camera be required but when two cameras are used, the main point is that V2 has priority over V1 so the camera connected to V2 will be the one displayed if both cameras are working at the same time. Camera switching can be done using the power to the cameras.

The kit includes a small, bracket mounting camera that is easy to fit on most cars but if required, optional cameras such as the CH-SRC1A or CH-SRC1F are available, please contact our sales team to discuss this.

Reversing camera

As the camera video signal triggers the LCD to turn on it is important that the camera is powered from the reversing lamp circuit and as such this will require professional installation as connection to the vehicle electrical system should only be carried out with a full understanding of the complete system.
Where a system which has additional functionality to allow switching between multiple camera sources we would recommend discussing this either with our sales team or with your local auto electrician or installation professional as more complex system are available offering customised solutions including constant video streaming for rear vision, caravan systems and multi-camera views.

Should a larger monitor size be required for constant viewing the CH-RVM88 is similar in style as a replacement mirror and the CH-RVMAHD73H is a clip-on model which goes over the original mirror.