CH-RVMAHD73H 7″ Clip-on Monitor


7″ Clip-on Monitor

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The CH-RVMAHD73H is a clip-on style monitor which goes over an existing rear-view mirror and with a 7” LCD it is an excellent choice for caravan owners wanting the best quality vision from the back of their van to see the traffic behind them while driving. The monitor is easily removable when not in use for viewing video as it has a spring loaded bracket system so by lifting from the bottom against the spring tension, it just lifts off but it can be left in place and used as a normal mirror.

As the monitor is in the normal mirror location where most drivers will glance to check rear traffic, this monitor can be used as an eMirror where a rear camera is streaming video constantly and depending  on the camera being used, this can be almost the same as normal mirror vision and will feel completely natural to most drivers.

Clip-on monitors are popular for caravanning for this reason but there can be significant differences between brands and models. The CH-RVMAHD73H has a high resolution LCD with 1024 x 600 pixels which suits the Hybrid camera range with 720P HD video but will work with most standard definition cameras as well although cameras with 420TVL or lower may not display properly.


This monitor has 2 standard AV inputs to suit caravan and commercial type cameras with 4 pin connections and also has a single RCA input to suit a reversing camera if required.
The reverse camera can only be operated by using the trigger and this is the default configuration for this monitor but as many users will already have a factory fitted reverse camera displayed in the dash head unit the setup can be changed in the menu so that V2 becomes the input operated by the trigger allowing automatic operation of a standard 4 pin camera.

Where this clip-on monitor may not be suitable but high resolution vision is required please check the CH-RVM88 replacement mirror monitors or the dash mount CH-ST2DAHD7.


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