CH-WLC.1 Worklight Camera

Industrial vehicle camera in LED work light


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The CH-WLC.1 Worklight Camera combines a 1080P AHD vehicle camera with an 8W LED work light which has two light colours, bright white or warm yellow.

At first glance the CH-WLC.1 is just an LED worklight as it uses a small, round lamp housing but closer inspection shows the camera lens in the centre and a standard 4 pin female AV connector coming from the back along with the LED power wires; Red for the white light, Yellow for the yellow light and Black for Ground. The AV connector requires an extension cable to connect to the monitor or DVR and will get power through this and the power wires will be connected to the vehicle power through the switching arrangement to be used.

Depending on the work environment, standard white LEDs may not be suitable and the CH-WLC.1 has two light colours which are selected by switching power to the relevant wire to give either a cool white or a warm yellow light instead of the bright white light typical of LEDs.

Worklight camera dimensions

The CH-WLC.1 worklight camera is suitable for use anywhere that an LED light would be used and where a camera is also required such as on the side mirror of a prime mover, above a hitch point or at the rear of a truck where this can be both a reversing light and also reverse camera which reduces the space taken by hardware.

For industrial vehicles which work in the dark or poorly lit areas, lighting is very important and where video cameras are also to be used, combining the two functions into a single piece of hardware saves space as well as installation time and can improve the video quality at the same time.

As the camera is 1080P HD a suitable monitor must be used as many traditional devices do not support HD video but all of the Chipatronic commercial vehicle monitors are suitable for use with this camera.