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Caravan Camera. Surface mount black camera for caravan or motorhome use.

Chipatronic Hybrid Cameras are the latest and most up to date vehicle cameras available currently with features never before seen in the automotive industry.

Chipatronic Automotive Hybrid AV Products Australia

Hybrid cameras combine traditional composite video (CVBS) with new Analogue High Definition video (AHD) with the ability to change between these two modes by menu programming.
Not only can the camera be changed between video output modes but can also be changed between PAL and NTSC formats to suit the requirements of each individual installation.


  • Programmable video output mode: CVBS or AHD
  • Programmable video format: PAL or NTSC
  • 1.2MP camera resolution in AHD mode (1280x960P equivalent to 1200TVL)
  • 700TVL CVBS resolution
  • Custom camera programming is possible including Mirror to Real image change
  • Standard Chipatronic 4 Pin cabling solutions are able to be used
  • Standard camera with 120o lens or optional version with 50o lens

Model CH-HPC1BD is a dome camera for surface mounting and is mainly used on caravans and motorhomes where the cable is directly behind the camera and will be covered by the camera housing.
This provides a clean finish with no exposed cables and the black housing suits many newer vans (see CH-HPC1WD for White camera).

The standard camera is supplied with a 120o lens which is suitable for reversing and general vision but as this is a wide angle, objects further away will not be shown clearly and as such we also have the option of a narrow angle lens.

HPC1BD 120 Degree view vehicle camera

The CH-HPC1BD-50 has a 50o lens to provide a better view of the traffic behind and is recommended  when the main purpose of the camera is to be able to see what is behind the van while driving.

HPC1BD 50 Degree view vehicle camera

Where both the wide angle and narrow angle views are required it is possible to use one of each type side by side or one of the CH-HPC2DB dual cameras which has both in a single bracket.

If the surface mount style is not suitable, please see either the CH-HPC1MB box style camera with bracket and black housing.

To use the camera in AHD mode a suitable, AHD compatible monitor will be required.
Please see either CH-RVMAHD73H which clips over the rear-view mirror or the CH-STDAHD5 and CH-STDAHD7 which mount on the dash.
Hybrid cameras can be integrated with in-dash displays but only in CVBS mode, usually with NTSC format.
Factory screen integration is possible but generally only with the addition of additional, specialised hardware. Contact us for further information if factory screen integration is desired.

To update an older camera system to the latest, high-resolution system with hybrid camera and clip-on monitor, please use the HCMKIT2

For a complete, new installation with cables, camera and clip-on monitor, use the HCMKIT3 specifying the black camera is required.

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