Surface Mount Eyeball Camera


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The CH-AHDSMEB-WDR side camera is a 1080P Surface Mount Eyeball Camera with WDR technology for balancing the light in the camera image where light and dark areas are present.
This also has Audio input available and is able to be switched between Mirror and Real Image so this can be used with a DVR system as well as a standard rear facing camera connected to a monitor.

As this uses AHD video signal the camera must be matched to a suitable monitor or DVR, please select the appropriate item from our product range.

The small footprint allows this camera to be mounted on the side of a truck or bus, attached to a mirror pod or on top of a canopy.

The CH-AHDSMEB-WDR has a high end video sensor which means that clear images can be achieved in a wide variety of lighting conditions and this camera will perform very well in low light and at night where bright lights are facing towards the camera as the WDR balances these bright areas with darker regions in the image to give an overall better quality view.
This makes this camera well suited to side view or blind spot applications where there will be bright lights at night which would normally make it difficult to see the vehicles  but WDR reduces that affect to provide a balanced view.

As the cable will normally be behind the camera housing a hole will be required and as such the cable has the mini 4 pin connector which only needs a 6mm hole and then there is an adaptor included to connect to standard 4 pin extension cables which go to the monitor or DVR.

A removable link on the cable allows the camera image to be switched from Mirror Image as standard to Real Image for use with MDVR systems.

The housing comprises the base which mounts onto the body and then the camera section is held in place by the upper part of the housing which is fixed by screws. By loosening the upper section the camera can be rotated inside the housing to align the view required.

Should a smaller camera be required, the CH-MSC.1 is similar but quite a lot smaller but is only available in 720P.