CH-BDC.1 Bus Camera

Internal Camera for Buses


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The CH-BDC.1 Bus Camera is mainly for use in the passenger salon area of buses as part of an MDVR system recording video and has 1080P AHD video output for high quality recording.

As with all Chipatronic cameras for DVR systems the CH-BDC.1 camera uses standard 4 pin AV connection to suit our Analogue DVR systems and extension cables and the dome style allows easy mounting on a parcel shelf or other fixed panel with access at the rear for cabling and the housing allows 360o rotation with up and down adjustment to setup the camera exactly as required.

Installation and maintenance personnel can use the CH-CT5HD CCTV Tester to check the view from the camera when fitting so that the image is correct before locking the housing in place.

If this surface mounting style is not suitable, semi-recessed cameras are also available as well as alternative surface mount models such as the CH-AHDSMEB-WDR which is smaller but with a completely different design is not as flexible with adjustment.

As this is only normally used as part of a DVR system, the CH-BDC.1 internal camera is a real image device for video recording applications.

Although most bus recording systems will not have audio recording in the passenger area, a version of this with audio input is also available as a special item. Please contact us for further information if this version is required.