CCTV Tester with HDMI


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The CH-CT5HD CCTV Tester  is the tool for professionals working with  Chipatronic DVR systems as it can test the cameras, test attached displays, check the DVR video and is the easiest tool for workshop or on-site checking of DVR settings using the HDMI video from the DVR and a USB mouse.

For most installation and maintenance tasks involving DVR systems it is essential to be able to check the video output from the DVR host and as Chipatronic DVRs have HDMI available for the clearest viewing, having a battery powered HDMI screen makes this simple. The CH-CT5HD also has a VGA port for other systems using that display and of course has standard CVBS video input using the camera testing function.


All standard cameras in CVBS and AHD formats can be checked with AHD up to 5MP and camera power is supplied from the tester using the 12V output from the re-chargeable battery and USB charge cable is included.

By changing the test cable to the Vout port a colourbar signal can be sent to check either a display monitor or a DVR video channel. To use the Vout an adaptor will be required as the standard test cable is 4 pin male and CH-4PF2F will be required for a normal system and the CH-4FRCAM for an RCA system. A BNC cable is also included in the tester kit.

While the CH-CT5HD is mainly seen as a tool for DVR customers it also a very good tool for Hybrid camera installers being suitable for both AHD and CVBS video signals and can be used by security system maintenance staff with Ethernet and RS-485 testing capability.

For installation and maintenance staff working with DVR systems it is recommended to also purchase a USB mouse and HDMI cable and DVR maintenance pack is available for trade customers, please contact our sales team for details.

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