CH-IC4 Windscreen Camera

Windscreen Cabin


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The CH-IC4 windscreen cabin camera is used as part of an MDVR system for video recording inside the cabin of a truck, a bus or other similar application where a small, HD camera is required inside a vehicle and will be used with MDVR systems to record video onboard a vehicle.
This is used in the same way as a “dashcam” in that it is capturing video from the driver’s perspective and as such should be a part of all DVR installations.

The camera can be mounted anywhere on the inside of the windscreen where it will capture the view forward but care should be taken to ensure that the camera is within the wiper zone.
The bracket is tilted around with the cutout section above the lens so that the image is not obscured and then the flat base is stuck onto the glass using the double-sided tape included.

If there is a suitable position at the top of the screen, the camera can be mounted directly onto a hard surface using screws but this may be above the wiper zone so should be checked prior to mounting.

Windscreen camera location

For vehicles with a near vertical windscreen where the CH-IC4 may not be suitable or where mounting at the bottom of the screen is preferred, the CH-WSC.1 camera can be used.

This model has audio input for sound recording but this feature is selected on or off in the DVR host itself should audio not be required.

Video quality starts with the camera being used and regardless of size or quality of the display, a poor camera will always deliver poor video quality which is why Chipatronic has striven for better quality using HD video rather than traditional Standard Definition (CVBS) video. The CH-IC4 windscreen camera uses a high quality, 2MP image sensor for good low light image capability and provides 1080P AHD video which is compatible with all current Chipatronic Analogue DVR systems with which this will be normally be used.

Should a standard definition (CVBS) camera of the same type be required, please contact our sales team as these are an older model, CH-CT04 which can still be sourced.

The CH-IC4 windscreen camera does not have functioning IR LEDs and should not be confused with the CH-IC4IRA internal cabin camera even though they look the same  and are often purchased together for a DVR system it is important not to confuse the two cameras as the IR should not be used on the inside of the windscreen as this will cause flaring in low light conditions which will often result in poor quality video.
The CH-IC5.21 is a slightly larger camera which has a higher specification sensor with WDR for better performance in variable lighting areas but can also be used in the same situations as the CH-IC4 should a different style of camera be preferred.

All Chipatronic AHD cameras have heavy duty power supplies for reliable operation and use standard 4 pin connections to integrate with Chipatronic cabling systems which suit all our MDVRs and monitors.