CH-WSC.1 Windscreen Camera

Windscreen Camera


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The CH-WSC.1 Windscreen Camera for DVR systems fits onto the inside of the windscreen with double-sided tape to provide the forward vision as part of a DVR system.

Video quality starts with the camera being used and regardless of size or quality of the display, a poor camera will always deliver poor video quality which is why Chipatronic has striven for better quality using HD video rather than traditional Standard Definition (CVBS) video.
The CH-WSC.1 windscreen camera is supplied with a Sony IMX307 sensor which features WDR technology to balance brighter areas with dark and provides a better quality image than standard cameras which is essential for forward vision at night when the headlights of approaching cars and trucks can make lower end cameras almost useless.

The shell design fitted to the glass prevents light from inside the cab causing any problems with the camera image and there is a limited adjustment of the lens angle on the side of the housing so that different windscreen rake angles can be accommodated.

This camera comes complete with 3m of cable as it is generally only used in the cab of a truck or bus and the DVR which it connects to will be fairly close so this means that no extension cable is required.

If this camera is not suitable there are other options for forward cameras such as the CH-IC4 or the CH-IC5.21 both of which are also suitable for windscreen mounting but can also be mounted on hard surfaces with their brackets. The CH-WSC.1 does not have a bracket and can only be used on a windscreen.