CH-4FRCAM 4 Pin Female RCA Adaptor


4pin Female to RCA adaptor

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The CH-4FRCAM 4 Pin Female RCA Adaptor is normally used to connect to an RCA camera from a standard 4 pin extension cable and has 2 RCA connections and also the DC power connection to provide power to the camera.

The RCA connections are yellow for video and white for audio but the white connection is sometimes used for a second video signal although this requires other specialised fittings and using this for video should only be carried out by experienced technicians.

In most cases the camera will have connections as shown below with a single, yellow RCA for the video signal and the DC power connection.

The power connector from the CH-4FRCAM will provide 12V DC from the host device which will be a monitor or a DVR usually but if required the CH-DCFPC DC Power Cable can be used from another power source.

If you are connecting an extension cable to a monitor or display with RCA input you will require the male 4 pin adaptor CH-4MRCA.

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