CH-4PMP Panel Mount Cable

Panel mount 4 pin camera cable


CH-4PMP is a panel mount 4 pin camera cable, available with either 150mm or 2m of cable with the male end having a flange and then a standard female 4 pin on the far end. These are supplied with a metal dust cap for the male part so that when it is not in use it can be covered to prevent ingress of dirt and moisture.

This cable is used where a removable connection is required such as with a lift-off camper or canopy and can also be used where a camera connection is required but the camera is not fitted at that time so effectively in preparation for a camera to be fitted later which will commonly be done during a build stage when the actual camera required has not been confirmed. This connection provides the ability to be camera ready without needing to actually fit a camera immediately.
The female end of the cable accepts a standard 4 pin male extension cable which can be in place or added later, see our range of extension cables for lengths available.

Generally you would choose the cable length required based on where it is most convenient to connect the other extension cable so for instance in a caravan it may be best to use the 2m cable with this going down the rear wall and exiting underneath so that another cable can be very easily run under the van and connected to the one left in the wall with the flanged end easily accessible when required.

For a lift-off canopy or camper a split cable system is required to allow removal and the panel mount 4 pin camera cable allows for a cleaner installation without having a loose cable tail when the canopy has been removed.

Panel mount cableFlange dimensions

The male end connector has an integral flange with 4 holes for mounting which require M2.5 screws or rivets. The connector must be fitted from behind with the threaded section protruding through the panel and will require a 14mm hole with a step drill usually the preferred tool for this. Insert the main part through the hole and then use a 2.5mm drill through the 4 mounting holes in the flange to drill the holes and fix the flanged end in place.

Panel mounted flanged connector

The cap is only required when the cable is not in use and as such this can either be stored separately or if regularly use, it can be attached to the panel as well but this will be then left hanging free and may be damaged or lost. Additional caps are available if required, part number CH-4CAP or the female part of the CH-4FMBLANK can also be used.

Panel mount cable with cap on