5 pin Aopulo trailer socket to 4 pin female

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5 pin Aopulo trailer socket to 4 pin female for use on the car side of a caravan cabling system for a rear camera setup.

This has a metal body with weatherproof cover which snaps closed when not in use and is combined with the CCB curly cable to provide a robust but flexible connection between the car and van.
Where a small, 4 pin cable is used these are easily damaged by pulling on the cable whereas the Aopulo plug system has substantial, metal parts with a keyed body to prevent incorrect insertion. All parts are large enough to grip firmly and will not be filled with dirt and water when not in use.


The female 4 Pin suits the male end of standard extension cables and would typically be close to the hitch on the car, normally a 5m or 7.5m cable will be required to get from here to the dash area where the connection to the monitor will be made.
This 5 Pin socket is the same as the full length caravan cables and is mounted using the CH-MB bracket.





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