CH-5PM4F 5Pin Socket

5Pin Socket Car Side


The CH-5PM4F 5Pin Socket is the car side socket used in the Chipatronic heavy duty caravan camera system and on the car side it requires a female 4 pin connector to have the correct layout to suit a standard camera and monitor solution.

The 5 pin AOPULO style socket is a heavy duty metal socket with male pins which suits the CCB curly cable that joins the car and van and this has a spring loaded cover which closes when not in use to keep water and dirt out of the socket and prevent damage or contamination of the pins inside.

The AOPULO plugs and sockets have multiple keyways so that incorrect insertion is not possible and with the metal bodies, this is not able to be done even forcibly.
When mounted in a standard manner the plug will look like this, the the single keyway at the top, simply align the single key on the matching plug and push in and the screw up the locking ring.

A short cable comes from the socket and this has a 4 pin female  connection to suit the standard extension cables and this will ensure that the cable is correctly aligned as the connection on the cable will be male which makes the far end a female connection which suits the inputs of monitors.

This fitting is part of the car cable CH-5PC7F  and suits all standard Chipatronic extension cables and should suit all other standard 4 pin cables with the same connectors.

If for some reason a cable is already in place and it has been installed the wrong way around, a gender changer can be used to reverse the connection type rather than removing the cable completely and starting again.

For the caravan side the socket is exactly the same but the 4 pin connection is male instead of female as the caravan cable is opposite to the car to suit standard cameras which have a female connection.

To mount the connection a metal mounting bracket is normally used and our brackets are manufactured locally from high quality stainless steel. Please note that the bracket must fit behind the flange and the backshell of the connector may need to be loosened off, please see CH-MB for further details.

If the bracket is required, please order the option with bracket included.