AOPULO 5 Pin Plug + Socket Kit


The AOPULO 5 Pin Plug and Socket Set is a kit that can be used for a new caravan or trailer connection where 5 circuits is sufficient as well as modifying or repairing an existing system that uses these connectors.

The Aopulo connectors have metal bodies for strength and of course are totally resistant to UV degradation from sunlight but mechanical damage can occur and so these are generally used as spare parts for caravan camera installations.

This kit includes 1 x 5 Pin Plug with Female receptacles and 1 x 5 Pin Caravan/Trailer socket with Male pins. Both parts have a compression type cable gland providing a weather seal and strain relief but as with all cables it is not recommended to pull on the cable itself which is why the large, metal body makes insertion and removal a simple job.

5 Pin Plug & Socket

The plug is as found on the CCB cable and can be used to repair a damaged curly cable or make a custom system.

5 Pin Receptacles


5 Pin Male Pins
The socket is the same as the CH-5PC7F and CH-5PV15M caravan cables and can be fitted using the CH-MB bracket.

The standard wiring for these when used with a camera system will be like this
5 pin wiring

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