CH-4MRCA 4 Pin Male RCA Adaptor

4 Pin Male RCA Adaptor


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The CH-4MRCA 4 Pin Male RCA Adaptor is normally used to connect a camera to an RCA input monitor or in-dash display from a standard 4 pin extension cable and has 2 RCA connections and also the DC power connection to provide power to the camera.

The RCA connections are yellow for video and white for audio but the white connection is sometimes used for a second video signal although this requires other specialised fittings and using this for video should only be carried out by experienced technicians.

In most cases the monitor will have a single, yellow RCA for the video signal input and occasionally also a white audio input from the camera but where there is no camera audio this white connection will not be used.

The DC power connection will require power, usually from an accessory power circuit to provide power to the camera, if no accessory power is readily available use a RunSwitch to provide a power source for the camera. The CH-DCMPC DC power cable is recommended as this is a plug-in fitting and can be connected to power but also removed later if required.