WCK1C-7 Wi-Fi Camera Kit

Wireless Camera Kit with 2 Cameras


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The WCK1C-7 wi-fi camera kit is an easy to install camera solution which can have up to 4 cameras connecting to a 7″ LCD monitor with wi-fi connection between the cameras and the monitor.

The system also provides recording of the videos from the cameras to a micro SD card (not included see choices available) and is suitable for a wide range of uses on agricultural machines, construction equipment and other industrial vehicles but can also also be used on horse floats or similar animal transport vehicles, caravans, motorhomes and other similar applications.

A single WC-R1 camera is included in the basic kit with additional cameras available to add to this with a maximum of 4 cameras able to be used. All cameras will connect automatically to the monitor after power is connected.
The WC-R1 is the standard camera in orange

Additionally a camera with red LED running light is also available which can be mounted on the sides or rear  of a truck body, caravan or towed trailer. All that is required is the availability of 12V power.

The 7″ LCD monitor comes with a suction cup mount to attach to the inside of the windscreen and has a simple cigarette lighter type power supply for easy installation and once connected to power the cameras will normally automatically synch to the display without any further action required.

The screen display can be set for single camera, split screen or quad screen to suit the driver/operator and the number of cameras.

As this uses wi-fi to connect the cameras and monitor there is always a need to check that the signal is OK before finalising the installation as various factors can interfere or block the wireless signal and it is recommended to check this by using a portable power supply to the cameras before fixing these in place. For instance a camera fitted in the middle of  the back wall on a metal shell caravan may not get effective signal to the tow vehicle but by moving the camera to the top it may be fine and checking in advance prevents frustrating problems later.

Note that external factors may also cause signal issues at some times and these are not able to be controlled and are not a fault with the product but are a fact of life when using wireless video. As such for any applications where video signal is considered critical it may be better to use one of our fully hard-wired systems rather than wireless.