Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket

Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket for Trucks


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The CH-HDMB is a Heavy Duty, bolt-on mounting bracket for monitors with a slide-in fitting on the rear and allows the monitor to be fitted in place of a rear view mirror on many trucks which have a bolt-on mirror bracket and can be used with all standard dash monitors which have a slide-in mount in  the rear.

When replacing a mirror the CH-SMRVAHD73 is a popular choice where single camera views are used and where multiple cameras need to be seen on a single screen the quad monitors CH-STQAHD7 can be used or for larger vehicles the CH-STQAHD10 is popular.

The ball joint at the bottom provides easy adjustment and using this mount with a larger monitor can solve a common issue of where to fit the screen to allow the driver to see this easily while not blocking forward vision.