5″ Monitor with Suction Cup


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The CH-STSCAHD5 Monitor is part of the Hybrid range of devices with both standard definition CVBS video capability and also high definition AHD capability making this suitable for almost all standard vehicle applications where a smaller monitor is required and with Suction Cup Mount included is particularly suitable for caravan camera use.

5" monitor & scution cup mount

While this model is similar to the standard 5″ monitor CH-STDAHD5 is a lighter duty device best suited to domestic vehicle applications such a caravan camera display or reverse camera on light commercials and for commercial vehicles we recommend using the other model.

The Chipatronic Hybrid Camera Systems range comprises monitors from 5” LCD up to 10.1” LCD in a variety of types to suit commercial and recreational vehicles displaying high quality video using either AHD or CVBS cameras and all these monitors are fitted with high resolution LCD panels for image quality.

All Chipatronic AHD series monitors can work with both standard definition CVBS cameras or high definition AHD cameras but will always provide the best image quality with AHD as the cameras have much higher resolution.

The CH-STSCAHD5 has 2 camera inputs with standard 4 pin connectors to suit the Hybrid series cameras as well as other common cameras and with automatic detection of the signal, operation is seamless regardless of what camera is being used and well suited for use with caravan cameras as this is small enough to be mounted out of the way of the drivers normal driving view which may not be possible with larger size monitors.

Where being used as part of a reverse camera system, the monitor has a trigger input for V2 which switches the display on so that the reverse camera is shown only while in reverse gear and for other uses the camera channels can be changed by a button on the front panel.

The standard mounting supplied is a U bracket and also a suction cup for windscreen mounting.