CH-SMRV73 3 Channel Monitor

7″ 3 Channel Monitor


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The CH-SMRV73 is a 7″ 3 channel HD monitor with the control panel and buttons to side rather than under the LCD as is more common.
This allows the body of the monitor to be slightly shallower than normal and less square which better suits the monitor to be used as a mirror replacement for constant video streaming from rear cameras.
To facilitate this we have several mounting brackets available that can be purchased as options and these will suit a number of common utility models, Landcruiser 70 series and light trucks.

The CH-WSMB is a standard, keystone mount which suits common makes including Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu and others with windscreen attached rear view mirrors.
The CH-HDMB suits Isuzu trucks with a bolt-on mirror and can be adapted to a number of other light trucks with similar mirror mountings.

The standard mount supplied with the monitor is a post type with upper ball joint for adjustment and fan type base for fixing to a flat surface, double sided adhesive is included with the mount but for long term reliability additional fixing may be required.

With 3 video channels the CH-SMRVAHD73 is ideal for use with a dual caravan camera setup and also a constant rear view camera on the back of a canopy or other variations on this but is entirely suitable for use with just 1 or 2 cameras.

All 3 channels have corresponding triggers so that any channel can be switched on from any position using a 12 or 24 V trigger which allows this to be used with automatic display for Reverse and right and left side cameras connected to the indicators for blind spot viewing. Triggers can also be used for other situations where a short term channel change is required and always revert to the main viewing channel.

As with most Chipatronic camera systems the CH-SMRV73is capable of displaying both AHD standard definition video signals and as always, better image quality and clarity will be noticeable when using the Hybrid series cameras in 720P HD mode or one of the dedicated HD cameras but standard definition cameras are able to be used with good results with the higher resolution, 1024 x 600 pixel display.

The monitor is supplied ready for use and should not usually require any changes to be made but changes can be made using the menu which is accessed using the touch button M on the screen to access the on-screen menu. Please refer to user manual for further information.

User Manual