Flush Mount Camera

Flush Mount Camera

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The CH-AHDFMC are Flush Mount Cameras with 30mm threaded body which allows the camera to fitted through a panel with only the front flange on the outside.

A bevel kit is included which allows the camera to be tilted by 15 degrees which can be required where the camera is mounted higher above ground level. By placing one half of the bevel on the outside of the panel and the other half inside, the camera is tilted.
dual vehicle reversing camera, flush mount

As the flush mount cameras just leave a very low profile part of the camera visible, these are commonly use for canopy fitting so that the camera does not protrude and also leaves a very tidy looking finish.
This can be used with the CH-RVM88 mirror replacement monitor for a fully integrated eMirror system that will be un-noticeable at first glance but highly effective.

As this is an AHD camera it cannot be used with legacy video systems but is suitable for use with Chipatronic Analogue DVRsHybrid Monitors and other AHD compatible devices.
Video quality starts with the camera being used and regardless of size or quality of the display, a poor camera will always deliver poor video quality which is why Chipatronic has striven for better quality using HD video rather than traditional Standard Definition (CVBS) video.

The CH-AHDFMC is available with a standard 3.6mm lens  (approx. 120o) for general purpose and reversing use, but can be provided with optional lenses  including 6.0mm (approx. 60o) for rear-vision in an e-mirror system or 12.0mm  (approx. 20o)for special applications where the area to be viewed is further away or a small area needs to be shown in high detail. For most situations the standard lens will be used but please consult our sales team where there are particular requirements for the vision to be displayed/captured.

CH AHD4HD 120 degree view Vs 60 Vs 20 Image

The standard cameras are 720P AHD with 4 Pin connector, IR LEDs and the ability to change the image from Mirror to Real Image (used with a DVR system).

1080P versions are available to order and 1000TVL standard definition CVBS versions can also be provided to special order if these are required.