CH-HPC1MW White Hybrid Camera

White Hybrid Programmable Camera


The CH-HPC1MW is a white hybrid camera and is part of our range of premium hybrid cameras which combine standard definition video and AHD video and can be programmed to suit the application as required making these the choice of professionals as a single camera can be used in many different applications.

Chipatronic Hybrid Cameras are the latest and most up to date vehicle cameras available currently with features never before seen in the automotive industry and combine traditional composite video (CVBS) with newer Analogue High Definition video (AHD) with the ability to change between these two modes by menu programming.
Not only can the camera be changed between video output modes but can also be changed between PAL and NTSC formats to suit the requirements of each individual installation.

Hybrid Series cameras are unique to Chipatronic and feature the ability to program the camera to suit most applications making them ideally suited to trade customers wanting cameras that can be used in multiple situations, reducing inventory and the need to order special cameras.


  • Programmable video output mode: CVBS or AHD
  • Programmable video format: PAL or NTSC
  • 1.2MP camera resolution in AHD mode 1280 x 960 pixels for 720P output
  • 700TVL CVBS resolution
  • Custom camera programming is possible including Mirror to Real image change
  • Standard Chipatronic 4 Pin cabling solutions are able to be used


The same as other cameras in the Hybrid series, two versions of this camera are available with different angle lenses. As shown below there is a substantial difference in the view from the camera with  a wider or narrower lens.

TheCH-HPC1MW is the standard model and has a 120o lens which is most common as this suits a wide range of applications and is considered a general purpose camera.

The CH-HPC1MW-50 uses a 50o lens which provides a better view of traffic on the road behind or further away and as such is recommended when the main purpose of the camera is to be able to see what is behind the van or vehicle while driving.

This is commonly combined with one of our clip-on mirror monitors or a mirror replacement monitor for use as an eMirror on utilities with a full canopy or trade body and no natural rear vision is possible but by adding this camera with a monitor in the normal mirror location the driver can have rear vision that is very similar to standard.

A Dual Camera version combines this and the standard CH-HPC1MB in a single mounting bracket for both a reverse view and road view.

These cameras are able to be used in various applications including:

  • caravan rear-view camera for constant vision of road and traffic behind and reversing
  • motorhome rear-view camera for constant vision of road and traffic behind and reversing
  • utility with canopy or trade body for constant vision of road and traffic behind and reversing
  • construction and agricultural machinery, forward and rear vision systems

The CH-HPC1MW  is just 56mm wide, 42mm high and 55mm deep (excluding the bracket) but has all of the same features as the entire range of hybrid cameras in a compact housing with standard 4 Pin female connector.

A black version of the CH-HPC1MW is also available, CH-HPC1MB which is the same other than the housing colour.

For caravans and motorhomes the dome camera may be used as this is surface mounting, model CH-HPC1WD or CH-HPC1BD.

To use the camera in AHD mode a suitable, AHD compatible monitor will be required.
Please see the CH-RVMAHD72 which clips over the rear-view mirror, the CH-RVM88  which replaces the original mirror or either the CH-STDAHD5 which mounts on the dash or on the inside of the windscreen.
The CH-SMRV73 can be used either a dash mount monitor or can be fitted with an optional bracket to be make this suitable as a mirror replacement.