CH-HPC1EB Side Camera

Hybrid Side View Camera


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The CH-HPC1EB side camera is part of our range of premium hybrid cameras  which combine standard definition video and AHD video and can be programmed to suit the application as required making these the choice of professionals as a single camera can be used in many different applications.

Chipatronic Hybrid Cameras are the latest and most up to date vehicle cameras available currently with features never before seen in the automotive industry.

Hybrid cameras combine traditional composite video (CVBS) with new Analogue High Definition video (AHD) with the ability to change between these two modes by menu programming.
Not only can the camera be changed between video output modes but can also be changed between PAL and NTSC formats to suit the requirements of each individual installation.

Hybrid Series cameras are unique to Chipatronic and feature the ability to program the camera to suit most applications making them ideally suited to trade customers wanting cameras that can be used in multiple situations, reducing inventory and the need to order special cameras.


  • Programmable video output mode: CVBS or AHD
  • Programmable video format: PAL or NTSC
  • 1.2MP camera resolution in AHD mode
  • 700TVL CVBS resolution
  • Custom camera programming is possible including Mirror to Real image change
  • Standard Chipatronic 4 Pin cabling solutions are able to be used

The CH-HPC1EB has a similar housing to the AHD only CH-AHDSMEB-WDR and suits the same side view applications but has the additional benefit of being suitable for use with existing, standard definition monitors or DVRs.
The housing comprises the base which mounts onto the body and then the camera section is held in place by the upper part of the housing which is fixed by screws. By loosening the upper section the camera can be rotated inside the housing to align the view required.

This also has the mini 4 pin cable and adaptor to facilitate installation without drilling larger holes but still allows standard extension cables to be used.