SSCWF – Solar Security Camera

Solar Security Camera – Wi-Fi


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SSCWF Solar security camera allows independent installation of 1 or more cameras which can be connected via Wi-Fi allowing monitoring using a Smartphone app (iOS or Android).
Built-in PIR sensing can detect vehicles and people moving through the camera’s field of view (depending on distance and mounting position) which activates the camera recording.

Solar powered video monitoring system, smart phone capable

The camera then can send a notification to a phone making these a highly effective, temporary security solution for building sites, vehicle storage areas etc. as well as more permanent installations such as gate entry, driveways or other areas away from the house or office.
Live video can be viewed using the app, select the camera and the video stream will open and files recorded after the PIR sensor has activated can also be viewed remotely using the app.
Audio from the camera can be listened to through the app and the person monitoring can talk back with door bell type functionality.

The cameras use a Micro SD card up to 128GB for file storage and manually recorded videos (real-time video can be recorded using the app) with simple tools to view and download files.
Model SSCWF is a larger device for open area use with a standard mounting bracket that provides 2 axis adjustment to set the camera up for coverage of the required area.
PIR sensing range is up to 10m with an effective IR range up to 20m.

Note that solar panels must be able to receive clear sunlight for effective charging. On the SSCWF the panel can be removed and mounted separately using an extension cable supplied with the camera if the camera is being mounted out of the sunlight (under an eave for instance).