MCDV2HD-W2G Motorcycle Dashcam

Motorcycle Dashcam with WiFi, GPS


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MCDV2HD-W2G Motorcycle Dashcam is a 2 camera system with Wi-Fi, GPS and a Smart Power module for use on bikes of all sizes and types.

Motorcycle DVR

This unit features a weatherproof host unit and Wi-Fi connectivity for enhanced usability. With 1080P front camera and 720P rear camera the MCDV2HD-W2G captures all the action whether you are commuting on a daily basis, touring or just out for a weekend ride. Hard wired for constant recording while the bike is running and with maximum storage capacity of 128GB you can ride all day without thinking about whether you are recording or not with no switches and no batteries to go flat.

A handlebar mounted controller allows you to save separate files of special events which can be more easily retrieved and viewed rather than checking multiple files to find that 3 minutes of action which made your day and make you want to go back for more.

A Smart Power supply connects direct to the battery and turns power on to the DVR when engine vibration is sensed and shuts down when it stops. The system also has a GPS included which (if fitted) saves the location and speed data into the files.