7″ HDMI Monitor, 2 AV

7″ HDMI Monitor, 2 AV


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The CH-ST10HDMI is 7″ HDMI Monitor with 2 standard AV Inputs for use with our range of Analogue DVR systems where a display is required.

The HDMI connection between the DVR and the monitor provides full HD video to display the DVR video output selected as clear as is possible and the 7″ LCD is the same size monitor as is commonly used in trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.

As the CH-ST7HDMI has 2 standard definition, 4 pin inputs available, other cameras can be connected to this for use as reversing cameras, blind spot cameras etc.. Any standard definition (CVBS) camera can be used and there is a trigger controlling V2 to allow automatic operation of a reverse camera.

To connect to the MDVR a standard HDMI cable will be required and these are available in a variety of lengths to suit different mounting locations as the monitor will not usually be be fitted close to the DVR host. Please check the intended mounting location before choosing the cable and contact our sales team to order this.