4 Ch. SD Card MDVR

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The CH-SDAHDVR4 MDVR is a series of small Mobile Digital Video Recorders which are designed for use in commercial and industrial vehicles where constant recording from 1 to 4 cameras are required with HD video files saved to an SD Card. The main DVR host has all the electrical connections and cable connections to the cameras and is housed in a metal, tamperproof enclosure with key access required to open the cover so that the SD Card can be removed.

The CH-SDAHDVR4 series differs from the larger CH-AHDVR4 products in size and storage media as these use an SD Card for file storage and as such can be smaller making these suitable for applications where physical space is limited and the additional features provided by two different sets of storage are not required but due to the limitations of suitable SD Cards these devices will not be able to have the longer file retention provided by hard drives but functionally the CH-SDAHDVR4 models are the same as the larger devices and the same model variations are available

These are analogue input systems using either high definition AHD cameras or standard CVBS cameras although for full HD, higher resolution video files AHD cameras should be used as the systems can record at up to 1080P Full HD or 720P HD based on the cameras used. Note that CVBS camera will record at D1 only.

Our unique system provides a choice of file formats for the video with either AVI or MP4 video file formats able to be used enabling a wider choice of viewing and editing software to be used  although MP4 can only be used in particular setups, please check with our sales team before choosing this option.

Where a recorded notification of some function is required and a switched input can be linked to the function (door switch, external lights switch etc.) we can set the system up to show this as an on-screen notification which is embedded into the video which allows confirmation that the function was active when the video is reviewed. This can be very important where the DVR files are being used as part of a compliance process or for staff evaluations to confirm that processes are being followed as the notification is only shown while the input is active and can be checked against the time stamp also embedded into the video files.

This model is popular for use in offroad RVs where the smaller size is better for installation and long file retention is not required.
In this type of installation the video output will typically be set to show the rear camera as rear vision using a HDMI monitor such as the CH-ST10HDMI with right and left side cameras being shown when the indicators are used.

Where an optional GPS module is fitted, the location coordinates and the vehicle speed will be embedded into the video records which is a requirement for certain types of heavy transport in some states in Australia.

The CH-SDAHDVR4 is the base level model in the 4 channel range and allows only localised access to the video files, usually directly from the SD card which needs to be connected to a computer for review but as having direct access to the SD Card is not always possible, an MDVR with wireless access may solve the problem.

Wi-Fi, 4G and Wi-Fi + 4G models allow either access via a browser on Wi-Fi using the DVR in Access Point mode or through a dedicated app and a cloud server platform using the 4G mobile network or Wi-Fi in Client mode when able to connect to a WLAN. Live streaming of video, remote download of saved files, streaming of previously saved videos, vehicle location on map and file download (PC only) are all available with visibility of all vehicles in the fleet which are connected to the system.

The CH-SDAHDVR4-4G is a mobile network connected device which can be connected to any Australian mobile data network using a data SIM and if required, Chipatronic can provide the SIM and service with data plan to access a national network.

In general high volume data plans are not required unless regular download of video is being carried out or extensive streaming of live video and the main use of this will be to access video files required as part of a compliance process, staff evaluation or incident investigation. All files which are remotely downloaded will remain on the hard drive in the normal manner until the standard video looping functionality deletes these when the drive is reaching maximum capacity to allow new files to be recorded and this will mainly depend on the drive capacity and the amount of time the vehicle is operating.
Usage of mobile data is the responsibility of the business and access to systems which may result in mobile data through file downloads or video streaming should be limited to users with sufficient training and knowledge of the implications.

The CH-SDAHDVR4-W is a Wi-Fi enabled device which has 2 modes; Access Point for device to device connection so using a smartphone or tablet you would connect to a Wi-Fi network generated by the DVR using a browser with the default device IP address or operating as a Client on an existing WLAN at the workplace the DVR can be accessed directly via DHCP allocated IP address and a browser or through the CMS cloud platform using browser or dedicated app.

The CH-SDAHDVR4-4GW combines both Wi-Fi and 4G and the DVR will connect through Wi-Fi where a recognised WLAN is available or 4G elsewhere (providing the required mobile network is available).

Please note that WLAN access requires the involvement of your IT team and they should be consulted prior to any deployment.

For information on which of these options should best suit your business, please contact our sales team.

As all of our MDVR systems are customised to suit, we recommend that you contact our sales team with as much information as you can on your particular requirements and we will provide a full quote for the complete system.