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The CH-AHDVR  series is the answer for those requiring a DVR for heavy vehicles where more than 4 cameras are required and is largely similar in operation to the CH-AHDVR4 but with 8 analogue channels and 1 Digital HD channel for a total of 9 channels.

The most common application for the CH-AHDVR8 is with 5 to 8 analogue video channels configured and using AHD cameras recording at 720P although the system is capable of 1080P if required.
The Digital HD channel is primarily used when a high-resolution, forward video recording is required, similar to a dashcam.

These recording systems can be supplied with a hard drive which will normally be either 500GB or 1TB SSD although 2TB SSD can be supplied if requested. A 1TB drive will store approximately 500 hours of high-quality video from 4 cameras, with or without audio and an SD card can be added to provide a level of redundancy as recording will fail over to this should a problem occur with the main hard drive.
A USB input is used to connect a standard mouse to the DVR which is used to access the system menu if needed.

These systems use standard Chipatronic cabling systems and any of our Real Image cameras including internal models with audio input (both AHD and CVBS types are available).
For common camera options, see here.

Up to 3 external alarm inputs can be configured and linked to video channels to provide a separate record of events related to the alarm input or the alarm function can be set up to switch the video output to show specific cameras which can be configured in the same way as a reversing camera.
These models have a traditional CVBS video output for use with standard vehicle monitors and also a HDMI socket output for higher quality video.
A 9″ LCD monitor with HDMI input is available for use with the DVRs. Handheld, battery powered test monitors can be used for basic checks and camera setup.

Options can include GPS for speed and location; external button for Start/Stop control or emergency alarm input and upgrade from standard HDD to SSD (Solid State Drive).
Wireless connectivity via the 4G network can be provided (see CH-AHDVR4-4G) which allows real-time access to video from the vehicle, download of saved video files, location via map with alarm notification also able to be linked to video.

The DVR is supplied in a lockable, metal enclosure for tamper-proof installation with anti-vibration mounting system or can be supplied in a smaller, hard mount enclosure but must use an SSD as the vibration would not allow use of a standard HDD. Model number CH-AHDVR4-S.


Please contact our sales team with details of your requirements for a custom solution to suit your vehicle.
We can tailor systems for tow trucks, prime movers, buses and most commercial vehicles.

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