RunSwitch 12V Power Module

12V Accessory Power Module


RunSwitch 12V power module simplifies installation of auto-electrical accessories by creating an independent accessory circuit providing 12-volt power when the engine is running.

Modern cars have complicated electrical systems and it is no longer advisable to simply “tap” off an existing circuit without a clear understanding of the vehicle’s electrical system and doing so can affect the correct operation of some vehicle functions in the worst case and on new cars may affect the vehicles’ warranty.
To add an electrical accessory without using an existing circuit is a simple task with RunSwitch as this creates a completely separate circuit with its own fuse and power indication that only comes on when the engine is running.

● RunSwitch simplifies any 12-volt accessory installation by quickly and easily connecting the accessory to the battery or any 12-volt constant circuit.
● RunSwitch has an internal LED fuse, which illuminates when power is activated allowing for quick and easy set-up, functional circuit confirmation and diagnostics.
● RunSwitch can be used with 1 or more accessories as long as 7.5 amps is not exceeded.
● When more than 7.5 amps is needed simple, low cost relays can be used.
● Save time and money – RunSwitch can reduce installations time by hours

Automobile AV run switch

RunSwitch suits any 12V auto electrical system and for more advanced applications RunSwitch+ is available which adds timer functions and battery saver function.

The Timer enables the accessory output to remain ON for a predetermined amount of time after the engine is turned OFF.
• The Timer delay function is user adjustable from 1 minute to 90 minutes.
• Timer Mode is ideal for mimicking CAN BUS shut down times and creating a retained accessory power (RAP) circuit.
• Battery Saver Mode enables the accessory output to remain ON after engine is turned OFF.
• With Battery Saver Mode the module will automatically monitor the battery charge level, turning output OFF if the battery level falls below a predetermined safe voltage level.