RunSwitch 12V Power Module

12V Accessory Power Module


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RunSwitch 12V power module simplifies installation of auto-electrical accessories by creating an independent accessory circuit providing 12-volt power when the engine is running.

Today locating a reliable supply of power for 12-volt accessory installations is not an easy task.  Most circuits are already dedicated to a specific OEM module and installations can take hours and can damage costly parts, components, and electrical systems.  

After vehicles are turned off drivers still demand power for entertainment, communication, security, lighting, connectivity, and other conveniences.  However, leaving accessories on can drain, degrade and damage batteries leading to a loss of time, money, and productivity.

The RunSwitch products are 7.5 AMP power modules designed to simplify and enhance the installation and operation of any 12-volt accessory, providing easy access to an accessory power source without having to tap into sensitive vehicle wiring.   RunSwitch+ is ideal as the power supply for monitors and will not interfere with other circuits. 

 Installing RunSwitch is quick and easy:

  • Yellow wire connects to any live battery terminal or 12-volt constant circuit

  • Black ground wire connects to the chassis

  • Red wire connects to the accessory

  • A LED fuse illuminates with power on for quick set-up, functional circuit confirmation, and diagnostics.

  • Small size allows RunSwitch to be connected then discreetly hidden away

  • If more current is needed RunSwitch can trigger one or multiple relays


Automobile AV run switch  

RunSwitch suits any 12V auto electrical system and for more advanced applications adds timer functions and battery saver function.

The Timer enables the accessory output to remain ON for a predetermined amount of time after the engine is turned OFF.
• The Timer delay function is user adjustable from 1 minute to 90 minutes.
• Timer Mode is ideal for mimicking CAN BUS shut down times and creating a retained accessory power (RAP) circuit.
• Battery Saver Mode enables the accessory output to remain ON after engine is turned OFF.
• With Battery Saver Mode the module will automatically monitor the battery charge level, turning output OFF if the battery level falls below a predetermined safe voltage level.