CH-AP-5PFP 5 Pin Female Plug

5 Pin Female Plug – Suit CCB


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The CH-AP-5PFP 5 pin female plug is a spare part to suit the 5 pin Curly Cable (CCB) should the end of the curly cable be damaged and need replacing. This is an AOPULO equivalent  connector with full metal body and screw-up lock ring to suit caravan camera with the heavy duty AOPULO connections on car and van.

This can also be used to make a custom camera cable that can be plugged into the caravan camera socket on the car which can be used with a temporary camera.

The terminals are on the back of the main part and are soldered so a small tip soldering iron will be required to fit this.

Solder Terminals

5P Connections

To access the terminals the backshell must be removed, unscrew the small grub screw a single turn or less (just enough to be able to turn the metal shell) but take not to let this fall out.
Undo the shell from the front body by unscrewing this and then insert the cable through the cable gland and shell before soldering the wires in place.

5 pin plug back removed

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