CH-4M2FX Crossover Splitter

Crossover Splitter for Monitor


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The CH-4M2FX is a Crossover Splitter for a dual caravan camera system where a single 4 core cable is being used and this part is used for the Monitor input.

With dual caravan cameras there are a couple of ways to do the cabling from the cameras to the monitor which can either be with 2 completely separate cables all the way or it is possible to use a standard 4 core cabling system as long as some modifications are able to be made to the standard components.

Chipatronic use custom made splitters for dual camera input, that is from the cameras, and output to the monitor which allow 2 cameras to work using just a single cable.

Our hybrid dual cameras come complete with the required input splitter CH-4F2M and depending on the monitor or display being used will determine the output component required. The CH-4M2FX is to suit 4 pin monitors and if an RCA connection is required the CH-4MRCA will be the item required.

Please note that the video signal can have some interference if the signals are the same and we recommend using our hybrid camera supplied and installed by a professional to ensure satisfactory operation.