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Analogue DVR, DVR

Chipatronic have been providing AV products for commercial and industrial vehicles for over 8 years providing video products from basic reversing cameras to HD recording systems. We specialise in Digital Video Recording hardware for commercial and industrial vehicles including; trucks, buses, delivery vans and machinery used in mining and construction.


Whether you are looking for video assisted vision to provide drivers and operators better views for importance tasks or just general safety, we can provide dedicated hardware to support your application with a wide range of cameras, displays and recording systems with custom solutions rather than out of the box products.

For video recording applications we support from 1 to 8 cameras recording continually, with audio from internal cameras (if required).
Cameras can be wide angle models or specialised narrow angle versions which capture more detail at greater distance and can include full Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) models with 20X optical zoom.

Chipatronic systems utilise different camera technology to provide the best overall solution with support for traditional CVBS cameras as well as AHD cameras with Full HD (1920*1080P) resolution. Our DVRs can record video and audio with time and date stamping and, with the addition of a GPS module, speed and GPS coordinates.

Our cameras utilise state of the art image sensors with Sony Starvis & Exmor technology to give the best quality images in a wide range of environments, including low light areas.

For those requiring real-time streaming of video from the vehicle, we have wireless models which use a standard 4G SIM card to allow access to a cloud server where details of vehicles status and last position are shown and access to video streaming is available in near real-time (dependent on mobile network around the vehicle and internet speed) at point of viewing.

MDVR & Cameras
MDVR & Cameras

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Specialist Distributors

Due to the complex nature of modern vehicles Chipatronic recommends installation of our products to be carried out by a specialist with either suitable training or industry experience as this involves connection to the vehicle’s electrical system and may affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

Should you require an installation service, please contact us and we will endeavor to match your requirements to a suitable installer but we cannot guarantee  a service in all areas of Australia.

List of Distributors
Chipatronic warranty

All our products are backed by a manufacturer’s 12 Month Replacement Warranty.

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Chipatronic is an Australian owned and operated company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We are manufacturers, importers and wholesale distributors of high quality audio-visual products for commercial and industrial vehicles.