Mirror replacement bracket for windscreen mounting


Mirror replacement bracket for common Japanese make vehicles to fit an aftermarket monitor in place of the original mirror.

CH-WSMB monitor bracket

This bracket can be used as a direct replacement for the standard  mirror in many common SUV and utility vehicles and fits onto the CH-RVMSAHD7 monitor to provide a camera view from the back of a full canopy/trade body or for use with caravan cameras.

It is recommended to use high resolution AHD cameras only as these will give a much better image quality and with the correct setup, this can be used a full-time rear view vision system which is almost the same as a standard mirror.

The original mirror is normally removed by a sharp tap from the underside but care should be taken to ensure that nothing is damaged and if there is any doubt about this, do not proceed as the windscreen could be damaged.

The CH-WSMB fits onto a standard keystone mount and slides onto this and then can be locked into place with a grub screw.
This bracket suits any monitor with the slide-in mounting but is primarily used with the CH-RVMSAHD7 as this is designed as a mirror replacement.

Mirror bracketMirror bracket

Windscreen Mount

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