7″ Quad Monitor

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The CH-STQAHD7 is an AHD or CVBS monitor to allow the easy viewing of multiple cameras simultaneously.

With a high-resolution LCD, this monitor is best used in conjunction with AHD cameras and will provide outstanding quality vision when compared with older, traditional systems.

Quad image monitors allow up to 4 camera images to be displayed together or alone as a single image. The CH-STQAHD7 has an on-screen menu which allows the user to set the number of cameras to be displayed and the layout. So if 2 cameras are connected, a side-by-side split or a top-bottom split can be chosen and if 4 cameras are used the normal screen will show a 2×2 quad view.

Trigger inputs allow each channel to be operated by applying 12/24V to the relevant input, when the signal is received the monitor will display the selected camera in a single, full-screen image providing the driver/operator with the best image quality available. Using multiple triggers together allows a multi-camera image to be displayed as well so apply voltage to triggers 1 & 2 for instance will display channels 1 & 2 together, any combination can be used in this way.

This monitor is well suited to trucks where multiple cameras are required and also suits mobile machinery such as excavators, cranes, mining machinery etc..
Also applicable for agricultural equipment where the operator needs to see towed implements while still looking ahead the quad monitor can display a close-up view as well as a general view by using a narrow-angle camera and a wide-angle camera in a side by side view.

CH STQAHD10 120 degree view Vs 60 degree view

Four 4 pin connections supply power to up to 4 cameras using standard Chipatronic extension cables.

Heavy-duty, “U” style bracket included and standard post mounts with slide-in fitting can be used.
1024*600 pixel, 7” LCD, 4 Pin input x 4, 12/24V DC suits trucks and machinery, AHD or CVBS cameras can be used.

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