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7″ monitor CH-SMRVAHD73 can be used as either a dash mount monitor or by purchasing an optional bracket, this can be used as a mirror replacement in many common utilities, SUVs and some trucks. The monitor design is different to most standard models with the controls off to the side of the screen rather than underneath which allows for the case depth to be less and more suitable for use in place of a standard mirror.

This monitor is recommended for use with the CH-DCBL-AHD and CH-HPC2DB / CH-HPC2DW dual cameras as it is AHD/CVBS compatible and while it will display high quality video from all our cameras but is especially suited to the AHD and Hybrid cameras which have 720P HD video output.

On utilities fitted with a canopy or trade body, this monitor provides a seamless rear-vision and reversing view solution when combined with a Dual Camera as the driver will just look at the screen as if it was a normal mirror with the view from the back of the vehicle shown clearly. When reverse gear is selected the view can automatically change to show the area immediately behind for safety and vehicle protection from hidden hazards.

For caravan tow vehicles, the 7″ multi-mount monitor can be used with a single camera or dual cameras and can be used for full-time rear vision while driving with the van to show the view of the road behind. This works best with a dual camera or a single, narrow angle camera as these are designed to show objects which are further away than standard caravan cameras.

With 3 AV inputs, this allows any combination of 3 cameras to be used and displayed in an easy to see location with manual switching between cameras using the control buttons or by using the triggers, different cameras can be shown based on switch inputs, e.g. reverse, indicators or dash switches.

The standard mounting is by a fan type post mount with optional brackets available to replace the existing rear-view mirror in common utility/SUV vehicles. The CH-WSMB suits models including; Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux and others with windscreen mounted mirrors that have a standard keystone mount and just slides in to the standard slot on the rear.

Mirror bracket

Keystone mount mirror replacement bracket

The CH-79MB is special mount suitable for Toyota Landcruiser 79 series and similar, see CH-SMRVAHD73-79 for the monitor and mount kit.

79 Series mirror replacement bracket

All cameras are connected using our standard 4 pin cables and accessories, for more information, see here.

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