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The CH-RVMIRS is a replacement Rearview Mirror/Monitor with standard bracket to suit many, but not all cars and 4WDs including: Toyota, Ford, Holden and other makes with a keystone shaped mounting foot on the inside of the windscreen.
The original mirror is removed and the replacement mounted in place and connected to power and video input.
With a high brightness LCD complete with auto-adjustment for day and night use, this is a premium monitor with a significantly smaller size than most similar devices to better suit both new and older vehicles.
The menu is hidden in normal operation and has no visible buttons or lights to indicate that this is an aftermarket fixture.

The glass coating is high quality, silver finish which gives excellent performance as a standard mirror.
2 AV inputs are available, both auto sense when a video signal is available to turn the LCD on automatically with AV2 having priority.

The LCD is behind the mirror and is only on when needed with automatic video detection for 1 or 2 cameras. With its small size this mirror is well suited to cars and 4WDs where OEM look is desired.
4.3” LCD, RCA input x 2, 12V DC, PAL or NTSC compatible.

CH RVMIRS A Layout Menu

Any of our standard Reversing Cameras are suitable for use with this monitor.

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