CH-RVM733H Mirror Replacement Monitor

Mirror Replacement Monitor


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The CH-RVM733H Mirror Replacement Monitor replaces the original mirror in many makes of vehicle which use a standard windscreen mounted mirror with a keystone fitting on the inside of the glass.

This provides a large 7.3″ LCD display in a standard location for natural viewing and has 3 video channels for multi-camera installations and particularly suits a situation where left and right side views are required from small side cameras and a rear view is also required.

The CH-RVM733H Mirror Replacement Monitor is suitable for use with HD and standard definition cameras (AHD & CVBS) with the best results being with higher definition cameras and as such we recommend using the Chipatronic Hybrid series and AHD models with 720P or higher.

The CH-RVM733H has unique “crop” function that allows just a part of the image from the camera to be shown and this avoids the problem of fitting the camera image into a display with a different ratio and when V2 is selected, the monitor drops the portion of the image to the lower part as this is what is generally required for reverse.

All 3 channels are operated by switched input triggers so a left, right, reverse setup the indicators would be used for left and right and the reverse lamps for reverse.

The main point to note with this monitor is that the housing is relatively wide and may interfere with the sun visors on some cars.

For a narrower model the CH-RVM88 is best but this is only 2 channel but in many cases this will be sufficient.