Suction Cup Mount for Dash Monitors


CH-MBSC Suction Cup Mount is used to attach dash monitors to the inside of the windscreen where a fixed mounting is not desired.

With strong, ball & clamp fitting the CH-MBSC mount can be rotated 360 degrees and is easy to fit and adjust allowing monitors to be used on a temporary basis such as while towing a caravan.

The CH-MBSC Suction Cup Mount fits into the slotted fitting on the rear of all standard dash monitors available from Chipatronic and will suit all other brands with the same mounting system.

CH-MBSC Fitting to Monitor

Once fitted, the knurled nut should be tightened firmly to hold the monitor in place but this easily be adjusted later on by simply loosening the clamp enough to move the monitor and then re-tightening.

CH-MBSC fitted to monitor

The monitor can now be attached to the inside of the windscreen.
Clean the glass before attaching, hold the rubber base against the glass and then push the lever across to create the suction and check that this is holding.
If there is any dirt or containments on the glass the suction cup may not hold.

CH-MBSC Suction Lever

These can be left in place but are not a permanent fitting and will need to be removed and re-seated from time to time as the suction will gradually loosen as some air will leak.
This may be more prevalent in hot, sunny conditions as the small amount of air inside the suction part will expand with heat.

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