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The CH-MSC.1 is a miniature surface mounting camera, mainly for use as a side camera but can be mounted on any flat surface as the “eyeball” camera section can be rotated 360 degrees inside the housing.
This camera is AHD only with 720P video output and uses a miniature 4 pin connector on the camera cable that just requires a 6mm hole and is supplied with an adaptor to the standard 4 pin cables that are most commonly used. The camera cable is around 500mm long to reach back inside the vehicle from the side mirror.


Just 38mm long and 27mm wide, this camera can be fitted on the underside of the wing mirrors for use as blind-spot cameras on cars, utilities and trucks and can be part of an e-mirror system where electronic images are used in preference to normal mirrors.

The advantage of e-mirrors (streaming mirrors) is that the display monitor is unaffected by the outside weather conditions and when normal vision is impaired by rain on the windows, an e-mirror can still display clear images from the external cameras. A 3 camera streaming mirror system can be setup with two side cameras and a rear camera connected to the CH-RVM733H mirror/monitor with side cameras activated by the indicators and the rear camera by the reverse lamps.

This camera can also be used for normal reverse camera applications and guidelines can be turned on at the time of installation by cutting the brown wire loop on the cable.
Loop Wires

Guideline Loop

If required the camera image can also be changed to Real (standard is Mirror for rear view) to allow for use as a forward facing camera or with a video recording system. To change the image the blue wire loop should be cut at time of installation.

Blue Loop

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