CH-SVC7.28 Side View Camera

Side View Camera


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The  CH-SVC7.28 is a surface mounted camera used on the sides of trucks or caravans but can be fitted on any flat surface as the ball type camera section being able to be rotated 360 degrees inside the outer housing.

The housing comprises a baseplate with a rounded top shell which is fixed to the base and locks the camera section into place.

These cameras are mainly used in conjunction with an MDVR system and as such have a Real Image. If using for a rear view the monitor can usually be flipped so the image shows like a mirror.

The surface mounted cameras can be fitted at the front of the cab to give a full view down along the truck which enables this to be used as a blind spot camera, either as part of the MDVR system or just connected connected to a monitor for display and by connecting the indicators into the monitor triggers, these can be shown when turning or changing lanes.

Where a smaller camera is preferred the CH-AHDSMEB-WDR is available and will be suitable for very similar applications.